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With a management team that has literally been in the driversʼ seats as professional drivers, itʼs no surprise that Halvor Lines invests heavily in protecting their drivers and the general public.

With todayʼs litigious environment, trucking companies and their drivers are the first to blame in the case of an accident. With this harsh reality in mind, Halvor Lines was searching for a video and vision-based recognition safety program that could be aligned with their existing driver safety and recognition strategies, protect the company from false claims and strengthen their industry-leading initiatives.

And as their six-year run of receiving ʻBest Fleets to Drive Forʼ might suggest, they wanted a driver friendly solution that would help develop driver skills and enhance positive safety habits.

“We work really hard to retain our drivers,” he said. “It was important in deploying a solution that we didnʼt alienate our drivers in the process. Other solutions either required that the inside lens is turned on in order to capture risk and make positive impact. Driveri was the only solution that could provide significant value without having to turn the inside lens on.” 

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In seeking a solution, Halvor quickly realized the benefit of video. “We care about the safety of our drivers and the public,” Lang said. “When an accident happens itʼs important to know the facts. We want to know exactly what happened whether weʼre at fault or is someone else is at fault, and video is the only way to know the truth.”

The quality of Driveri was evident in the first five minutes of the trial, Lang said. Halvor Linesʼ leadership cited several reasons why they chose Driveri including:

• The superior visibility into their drivers driving performance 

• The speed and timeliness of the delivery of meaningful data 

• A comprehensive program structure to recognize positive driver performance 


Since implementing Driveri, Halvor Lines has seen safety-and driver-first results, highlighting positive driver performance like:

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About Halvor Lines

Founded in 1968, Halvor Lines is renowned for both their 98% on-time tracking record, their integration of modern technology and their industry-leading awards for safety, health, eco-friendly and service achievements.

Halvor Lines has been awarded “Best Fleets to Drive For” for six years, has been named a U.S. EPA Certified SafeWay Transport Partner, won first place in the National Fleet Safety Award for the TCA Safety and Security Division and many other recognitions around safety and service, including the USG Carrier of the Year.

Halvor Lines offers dry van, refrigerated, flatbed and specialized logistics services to go above and beyond to help their customers meet their hauling needs.

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Like most other fleet operators, Fuchs management finds it difficult to manage conflicting accounts of driving events.  Many times, even when the other party is at fault, it’s still up to the driver to prove their innocence.  Jay Doescher, the president of Fuchs Trucking, was looking for an advanced technological solution to eliminate the “he said – she said" scenarios, especially in today’s litigious environment.

Doescher, a former manufacturing technology executive, witnessed machine learning technology in his prior career and believed it could have a positive impact on his trucking operation.  In seeking a solution to improve driver performance within his fleet he found that legacy trigger-based systems were lacking compared to today’s technological possibilities.  Doescher was looking for advanced technology to create a transparent view of his fleet.


Doescher turned to Driveri to implement a driver rewards program, actively manage performance for drivers at risk of termination, and assisting training of new hires.  Driveri is installed in trucks of drivers with the least experience as well as those that could use some assistance in improving their driving skills.

Additionally, any Fuchs driver can opt-in to the program in order to achieve bonus-worthy GreenZone scores.  A driver has the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars monthly based on their driving performance.  With the highly competitive industry to fill driver’s seats, their program is now a key component of a bonus structure that improves safety and rewards drivers.

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One important factor in choosing a video solution Doescher wanted to avoid was the feeling of Big Brother – as the key message from the company is complete transparency with drivers.  Doescher likes Fuchs’ safety program to a video game where the drivers are rewarded for playing and winning. 

The heavy lifting of analyzing hours of video is done by the Driveri system, which automatically calculates scores based on driver behavior.

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About Fuchs Trucking

Founded in 1955 by LeRoy and William Fuchs, Fuchs Trucking is a dry van and reefer operation with an outstanding reputation with its customer base and in the community.  They started with just one straight truck and one tractor-trailer that transported livestock and forest products.

After 60 years of growth, the Fuchs family wanted to continue to support the Sauk community and transferred the ownership to local entrepreneurial families.  Fuchs Trucking now has over 100 employees, 85 tractor-trailers, 175 dry van trailers, 5 reefer trailers and 45 Driveri units installed.

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Ward Transport and Logistics, an industry leader in logistics solutions, wanted to cultivate a stronger and more collaborative relationship between their drivers and fleet managers.

“Our team understands the positive benefits of employee engagement – working together toward common goals and key performance indicators," Director of Safety Steve Dunn said.  Be he also understood the challenges associated with installing a video-based monitoring system, including driver acceptance and the burden involved with reviewing video, especially with a small safety department.

Ward Transport and Logistics cares deeply about its drivers and wants to enhance the relationship between drivers and fleet managers by removing any guesswork and recognizing their top performing drivers.


After looking at a variety of vision-based systems, Ward Trucking selected Driveri to provide its team with a driver-first, collaborative approach towards safety, service and recognition.

Driveri is the only vision-based driver recognition safety program that removes guesswork by analyzing and recording safe driving as safe driving.  Managers see the whole picture, exactly as the driver saw it.

Ward Transport and Logistics’ fleet managers now have the ability to process timely information and accurately recognize strong results.  They also have a the opportunity to reinforce best practices with real-time, balanced coaching.

Drivers were given company issued phones with the Driveri mobile application installed.  That is when they started to see dramatic improvements.  The drivers knew

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where they stood, had visibility of what their score was and what key behaviors they could change to improve their own scores.

Ward Transport chose Driveri because leadershiped liked how the platform operates based on the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computing.  The driver mobile application has had a good acceptance with the drivers.  Drivers want to see their scores and how they are doing.  The app also helps to manage the coaching load of the safety department.  The superior video quality allows the safety department to view the footage on a big screen TV.

Ward Trucking saw immediate improvements in their driver’s performance.  For example, the company saw 89% of the 1.4+ million captured minutes were analyzed as driving minutes without risk.  Driveri also recorded 346 DriverStar events, where a driver recognized risk and took action to reduce the risk through positive driving.

Ward Transport Results

About Ward Transport and Logistics

Ward Transport and Logistics is a family-owned and operated company.  They started in 1931 with their leadership team which is four generations deep.  Over the years, they have grown their fleet from one truck and two guys to over 600 trucks, handling more than 5,000 shipments a day.

They are known for being one of the most responsible and reliable shipping logistics partners in the industry. They have been awarded as a SmartWay Transport Partner for 10 years, and were awarded Business Firm of the Year by Altoona-Blair County Development Corporation.

Ward Transport and Logistics’ services include less than truckload, third-party logistics, brokerage services and expedited transporation to 186 million people in 25 states, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam.