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Fleet Management

Powerful Fleet Management Capabilities Provide Real-Time Insight Into Your Fleet and Operations

fleet management
real-time fleet tracking

Map View current activity or go back in time to see when and where important events occurred.  Share location of vehicles or assets with customers or get real-time alerts when vehicles or assets enter or exit pre-defined geofences.  Take control of your fleet with real-time operational visibility.

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fleet management analysis system

Real-time dashboard provides overall visibility of your entire fleet at a glance.  Important metrics and driver scores customizable to time slices you specify

Drill down into the details of fleet activity with comprehensive reporting and analysis. All reports can be customized, scheduled and delivered to your mailbox

fleet location tracking

Complete, Real-Time Fleet Visibility

  • Gain fleet visibility and utilization from anywhere, anytime
  • Investigate historical trends and measure KPIs
  • Filter information by business-specific criteria
  • Easily manage distribution of information
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Greater Productivity @ Lower Cost

  • Reduce fuel, labor, maintenance and insurance costs
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Enhance customer service and improve response times
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Improve Safety & Protect your Assets

  • Improve fleet safety and reduce liability
  • Ensure quick theft recovery
  • Prolong vehicle and asset life cycles
  • Automate reports and escalate alert violations
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Cohesive & Connected Ecosystem

Our fleet management platform integrates tightly with our compliance and safety products to provide a cohesive, holistic view of your fleet.  We deliver a complete solution for ELD compliance, fleet management and driver safety.

Monitor tire pressure and temperature levels in real-time, receive alerts/warnings for your entire fleet to ensure driver safety, better fuel economy and reduced downtime.
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A complete view of the driver experience including positive driving behavior using the latest AI hardware combined with safety scoring and powerful safety analytics.
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Reliable, comprehensive yet easy to use HOS platform to ensure ELD compliance, manage logs, and provide real-time compliance insight for fleet managers. We keep your drivers focused on the road.
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Extend Your Fleet Data Easy integration with external systems using our flexible APIs